Tire Debeader
Tyre Cutter
 Whole Tire Shredder (Breaker) 
Roll Miller
Belt Type De-Ironer
Rubber Powder Screener
Metal Seperator
Fiber Seperator
Rubber Fine Pulverizer
Rotation Screener
Whole Waster Tire Recycling Line Solutions
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We Techno Machinery provide Tire Recycling Machinery and turnkey plants for recycling and buffing of passenger and truck and OTR Tires.
The most up to date technology is utilized to provide you with machinery that works - and stays working. Our machines utilize technology that maximizes your production capabilities.

We manufacture and supply and install:
· Tire De-beading machine and Tire Cutter
·  Whole Tire Shredder
·  Tire Waste Steel Packing Machine
· Specially designed Granule and Grinders Mills, demagnetizing device and fiber removal capabilities
·  Vibratory screens and demagnetizers
·  Super Rubber Fine Powder Pulverizers
·  Tread stripping machines, buffing vibratory screens

Our equipment is extremely cost effective and designed for your company’s growth. All plants are easily upgradable on a modular system.

If time and efficiency and quality end product are your desire, Tyre Recycling Manufacturing has the answer. Our plants produce rubber crumb from grades of 1-2 mm down to -100mesh fine powder.

Our machines are ergonomically friendly and designed to meet both European and USA safety and electrical standards.

Roll Miller
Rubber Fine Pulverizer
Whole Waster Tire Recycling Line 
Belt Type De-Ironer
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